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20A Universal Dual Battery Balancer Kit (Bullet, T-plug, XT60)

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Want to increase the distance traveled on your electric bike? This plug and play kit provides all the components needed to add a second battery without the need for soldering or cutting any wires.

The plug and play kit includes a 20A dual battery discharge balancer to balance (use higher charged battery first) and uniformly discharge voltage of both batteries without the requirements of voltage matching for hard-wired parallel connections. The kit also includes two 400MM (15.75in) XT60 (M-F) (14AWG) extension cables with braided wraps, two bullet to XT60 adapters (M, F) and two T-plug to XT60 Adapters (M, F).

Best of all, the wiring and connectors are all black in color. The black color makes it easy to visually integrate your second battery wiring with the existing cabling and wiring for your electric folding bike, even if it’s wired outside the e-bike body.

Batteries will need to be charged independently. Second Battery not included. 

Disclaimer: These kits are designed for factory specifications and components.

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Customer Reviews

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mike n.

Not being an electrician, I am a little intimidated with the fear that my good intentions (adding an additional battery to reduce range anxiety) could transform my Lectric 3.0 into an oversized paper-weight! Thankfully that was not the case. The kit I purchased was exactly right. The battery recommendation was exactly right. And the Matt's customer service could not have been batter. Twice I bothered him with my juvenile questions regarding the kit and the battery. He was so professional in his response. Thanks again. ...Also, your YouTube videos showing the disconnect/reconnect process are priceless!


Works perfectly as described & comes with extras so you have many possible connection options if needed. Delivered quickly & package nicely.


No more battery anxiety. Easy install and works great

Michael F
Amazing Upgrade for my XP 3.0

This is hands down the best upgrade I have done for my XP 3.0. I was able to double my battery storage real easy to get me farther rides. Anyone wanting to increase their battery storage for their XP 3.0 should check this out.

Sean Robinson
Longer range

Works perfect and compact enough to fit with my controller on my Lectric xp3.0