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40A Dual Battery Discharge Balancer Kit (Rad, Himiway, MagiCycle, Addmotor Fit)

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Want to increase the distance traveled on your electric bike? This plug and play kit provides all the components needed to add a second battery without the need for soldering or cutting any wires.

The plug and play kit includes a 40A dual battery discharge balancer to level out the discharge voltage of both batteries without the requirements of voltage matching for hard-wired parallel connections. The kit includes two 400MM (15.75in) XT60 (M, F) (14AWG) custom extension cables with braided wraps fit for Rad Power Bikes, Himiway and Magicycle e-bikes.

Best of all, the wiring and connectors are all black in color. The black color makes it easy to visually integrate your second battery wiring with the existing cabling and wiring for your electric folding bike, even if its wired outside the e-bike body.

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Fit - Rad Power Bikes - Himiway Zebra - Magicycle  (Not fit for newer Rad Power Bikes frames with integrated battery - Rover 6, Runner 3+)

Batteries will need to be charged independently.

This product is not endorsed by, or affiliated to, Rad Power Bikes™, Himiway™, or MagiCycle (that would be awesome though!)

***Please note - when adding a second battery to the Himiway Zebra and other e-bikes a second set of extension cables ($10) may be needed and can be purchased an/or added to your cart from our store***

Disclaimer: These kits are designed for factory specifications and components.

Warranty materials for international sales do not include cost of shipping

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Perfect thank you


Fantastic quality product. No nonsense. Delivered quickly. All as advertised. Very satisfied.

Clifford Main
Looking forward to use. I did it my way...Rad runner plus

Mounted device on piece of thin gauge angle iron, painted it and mounted on existing bolts that previously mounted clear wheel guard, painted piece black. Used double sided tape to attach to metal. I cleaned up wiring some since photo taken. My second battery is a 10amp rad, designed for mission model. Bought battery mount from rad and mounted to bottle screws. Wanted step through to be open for my comfort. Voltage drop is less with two batteries and higher voltage is maintained longer for more power and some speed. I have a 35 amp controller and set C5 to 6 for 80 percent power, like 1320w. Climbed some step hills, stopped and device was just barely warm and wiring, motor cool. I had to order extension cable for mission battery stock wiring to reach adapter from lectrobikeworld.

Jorge Rodriguez
Himiway Escape 2021 model

Product works great so far, easy setup even there wasn't a video for my specific bike the other videos helped. Had everything plugged in and ready to ride in under 15 minutes. Definitely will be buying more of your products.

2nd battery Himiway cruiser

I used the 17.5ah for the 2nd battery in the rear bag
The Dual Battery Discharge Balancer Kit with extension cables works Fantastic
really clean wiring setup too