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Replacement Controller and Display

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Replacement Controller for Brushless Hub Motor with 18A maximum current. Compatible with 48V electric bike systems. Connectors and specifications fit for Lectric XP2.0, XP1.0. 

Not Intended for separation of use. Ancillary functions of aftermarket controller may not work.


Rated Voltage: DC48V

Low voltage protection DC 39V +-1

Max Current 18A +-1

Battery Connector - t-plug


M5, 5-pin Julet (green), 4 button interface

extension cable (optional install) - 5-pin Julet to 5-pin JST


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Richard Norton
Does not work

as previous comment stated the product doesn’t work. I tried just a controller and also with the screen I will be seeking a refund.

It is unfortunate that the item did not work as you intended. For the intended application with the XP1.0 and XP2.0, your instance is the first perceived failure (as noted in the other reviews). Unfortunately, we have not seen any conversational email regarding trouble shooting your issues. It is known that the most probable cause for initial incompatibility is installation error making the wrong 5-pin connection. For this, please match the outside wire colors of the bike 5-pin connections and the controller 5-pin connections (there are two that create the possible cross connection)

gordon ellerbusch
25 mph

Works awesome use the stock display the new one didn't work

Frank Russolello
Great service

Kit arrived quickly, and they answered my questions promptly.

Patrick OConnor
Lectric XP2.0 Replacement Controller

Best working replacement I have found anywhere, and holds up better than OEM. Had a problem with the install, but superior customer service talked me through my error.


Worth every penny, I switched all my ebikes to this controller. Easy install just pay attention to the wiring and your good. 30 mins max install.